How it Works

We know that selling your app is a big deal. It’s especially confusing and hard for the first-time sellers. That’s
why we are transparent and open to communicate through every single step

App Sale process

After buying countless apps, we have designed a 5-step simple process. It’s fast,
simple and transparent.


Developers submit a form via our website.


Developer invites us to Apple Analytics of the app, and we review various metrics such as refund rates, top countries, etc. We also ask some questions to developer about the app to give a more accurate and calculated offer.


We present a price offer to buy the app. We make the offer based on the information we collect in review step.


We prepare an agreement, the developer reviews it and if everything is good, both parties sign the agreement and start the transaction with

We deposit the money to escrow and developer transfers the app to us. After that, we inspect the app for 1 week. During this week, we further analyze the app and developer provides technical support.


After 1 week of inspection period, escrow release the payment and everything is done. Escrow will send the money to the developer’s bank account in 2-3 days.

The entire process takes 14 days from contact to closing.

Tell us about your app

If you have a non-gaming ios app with 5000+ monthly downloads and it's been on the App Store for more than a year, we're interested in buying it!

We Guarantee To Give You An Offer Within 48 Hours