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October 11, 2023


The concept of Startup dates back to the year 1550, but definitely with another name. And according to the startup historian, the ‘Edison General Electric Company, now known as ‘GE’, may be framed as the first Startup on this planet.

Eventually, the startup boom didn’t exist before the end of the 1990s, which is also known as the DOT COM boom era. Most of the Unicorns, namely, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Tesla, Yahoo, and Dropbox, started after 1998 or early 2000.

From that time to 2022, in this years the startup ecosystem has seen a meteoric rise mainly in the number of startups. But, despite this rise, most startups today are facing tough times, and most of them are closing their doors within their initial stages.

How Did We Build this Report?

We communicated with over 472 founders of failed or closed startups across the globe and asked about their harrowing experiences and what were the painful Peebles in their shoes behind their failed ventures.

Here’s what we have learned and accumulated from them:

How and Why Did Their Startup Fail?

All of the startups were in different stages of their growth whose founders are the input points of this detailed report. We asked them fundamental questions like:

  1. When had they foreseen that their startups were going to fail?
  2. What was the one cardinal reason or factor behind their failure?
  3. The actual lesions they have learned from it.

There are other reasons too that are not that illustrious like these above, but they also played cardinal roles like:

  • Lacking passion – Ex. – DaWanda (https://
  • Team & Inverter’s non-integrity – Hubba (https://
  • Product Validation Issues – ScaleFactor (https://
  • Mistimed Launch – Vreal (

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